Passive vs Active Investing

Passive vs Active Investing

Can you think of any activity where taking a passive approach has proven to be successful? Your investments should be no different. Passive investing promotes holding on to stocks and bonds for years.

Passive Investing

  • Only makes sense in a bull market, the problem is bull markets are always temporary

  • The "buy and hold" philosophy means you suffer all the bumps, bruises and crashes of the market

  • May result in falling so far behind you will be unable to recover by the time you retire or you may adversely impact your  current retirement situation

  • Is inflexible and can be too risky

Pro-active Investing

  • Pro-active investment strategies offer adaptability and the opportunity to minimize losses during difficult market conditions.

  • Works in both bull and bear markets

  • Strives to protect your investments while achieving attractive returns

  • Disciplined process intended to limit downside risk

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