How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

How to Find a Good Financial Advisor

Working with a financial advisor should be a rewarding experience. It should not be adversarial or uncomfortable. You should look forward to speaking to your advisor, and upcoming contact should not be anticipated with dread.

If you choose your advisor well, he or she should become an important part of your life, and ideally work with you for a lifetime. After all, financial planning is a lifelong journey, and a good advisor can help make the process both fun and profitable for you.

It might sound obvious (and I hope it does), but you should email, speak, or meet with your advisor as often as necessary. For some people, that could mean quarterly. For others, an annual phone call or meeting is sufficient.

You should always contact your financial advisor before you make any financial decision. Whether it's buying a house or car, selecting a college, or choosing employee benefits at work, you should talk to your advisor about the issue at hand. The worst question to ask an advisor is, "Did I do the right thing?" Remember, you might be experiencing a situation for the first time, but your advisor has seen it hundreds of times.

Your advisor's job is to apply his or her experience and knowledge to your entire financial situation so that each part of your financial life is operating at its optimal level. Because each decision affects other aspects of your finances, it's important to maintain a holistic approach. Yet, sometimes what might seem (to you) to be a simple matter could have major consequences.

Always talk to your advisor before you act or as soon as you believe a financial or lifestyle change or decision is about to occur.

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