Our Job is Not to Lose Your Money!

As fiduciaries, we have a responsibility to our clients to represent their best interests. By working in this capacity we ensure clients receives sound investment advice that is not product driven. The video below is an interview with Kyle Bass, Managing Partner of Hayman Capital who correctly predicted the financial collapse of 2008. He makes many great points about the markets and the economy that we at USAAM also believe to be true, namely that the housing market has stabilized but is not expected to grow much moving forward, global debt levels are unsustainable, inflation is coming but it's not here yet, and the U.S. fiscal cliff expected to occur at the end of the year will not happen (either a deal will be struck by both parties or they will simply extend it some more). The most important point however, is when he discusses investing in this environment and that the priority, first and foremost is NOT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY. We firmly believe that although we can allocate your portfolios to take advantage of short term gains, our number one priority is to protect your money during these challenging times.


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